Did you notice that when you are feeling good, when you are feeling happy, somehow everything seems to look better, food seems to taste better, and everything seems easier and more fun?

When you feeling happy and relaxed, you breathing fully, you have a positive attitude and outlook on life, you’re getting more movement in your life,
you’re physically more active.

When you are feeling good you are more likely to smile, joke, be kind to others and your thoughts, your focus, your inner dialogue are clear, positive, specific, and forward-looking.

When you are feeling happy even making difficult decisions seems easier.

Did you notice also that when you feel happy you even make better eating choices?

Did you notice that you are more likely to skip your daily exercise when you are not in a good mood?


We all know that “guilty eating” when we reach for curbs when we do too much of this and too little of that, or when we stop exercising because we depress ourselves over something or we just get agitated…

Something happens, maybe traffic jam on a hot day makes you late for an important meeting, maybe child misbehaving, maybe unpleasant conversation with the boss, maybe low grade on the final exam and…

… you are getting out of the flow of life.

You are getting stressed, frustrated, annoyed for a number of reasons and most likely number of times each day.


My name is Brian Sheen and I want to help you 
[not only] manage your stress levels,
[but also] teach you how to prevent getting stressed. 

Although we may be having different reasons to feel stressed, how we experience this sensation is identical to all of us.

Shortness of breath, increased heartbeat rate, blood pressure raising, sweaty palms, pupils dilated, overthinking. Sounds familiar?

What happens inside your body when you are stressed is exactly  what happens inside my body when I feel stressed or frustrated. We may have different thoughts and reacting to different things, but biological functions and chemical reactions inside of us are ruled by the same laws and are almost identical in all of us.

All this happening because stress response has a sequence.

The good news is – stress can be controlled and its effects on your life reduced.

This sequence can be controlled, stopped and even reversed.

I dedicated my whole professional life to understanding how stress works, most importantly, to develop a system to help you effectively protect yourself from stresscreating tools and techniques to help you have a positive attitudeto make sure you can stay calm and focused in any kind of stressful situations, build tools to help you feel empowered and in control of your life, emotions, relationships, and success.

If you only just landed on my page you probably not ready yet for the life-changing programme

7 Keys For Attention Development,

the programme that will change your life in only 84 days, but…

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