About Me

In my 40-year long career, I’ve worked with
people living under a lot of stress
and with some diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, depression, bipolar syndrome or Borderline Personality Disorder as well as with people
struggling with severe mood swings.

I’ve worked with people heavily addicted to antidepressants
who now don’t need any medications to deal with their lives.

I’ve worked with people in recovery.
I’ve worked with corporations and small business.
I teach, I write, I do yoga, and
I want to help you live happy and fulfilling life.

I’ve already helped over 20,000 people live happier,
less stressful, calmer, more positive and peaceful lives.


I dedicated my whole professional life to understanding
how stress works, most importantly,
to develop a program to help you effectively
protect yourself from stress.
I created tools and techniques to help you have a positive attitude,
to make sure you can stay calm and focused
in any kind of stressful situations.

During 40 years of my professional career
I’ve built tools to help you feel empowered and in control of your life, emotions, relationships, and success.


I help people live peaceful, less stressful lives by making them
understand and manage stress,  by teaching them how to
stay calm, focused and in control of their emotions,
no matter the circumstances.


You can find all about me and my life’s work in my book
[only $18.99] [click link or picture below]

Accessing Your Inner Pharmacy:
For Living A Focused and Happy Life Without Drugs

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